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Date Town Name Type Support Note
06.28.1983 Worcester Live from Worcester 06.28.1983 Audio CD-R
07.03.1983 Werchter Minimax - Audience Analog Master Audio CD-R
07.03.1983 Werchter Rebroadcast - Digital Cable Audio CD-R
07.03.1983 Werchter Rebroadcast - Sony Fm Stereo Audio CD-R
07.03.1983 Werchter Last Day Audio Silver CD
07.03.1983 Werchter Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Audio CD-R
05.25.1983 Vancouver Sennheiser-mic > Walkman Audio CD-R
12.08.1982 Utrecht Lowlands Audio Silver CD
12.08.1982 Utrecht 11 O'clock Tick Tock Audio Silver CD
12.08.1982 Utrecht A Garage Band From Garageland Audio Silver CD
05.17.1983 Toronto Square Dance In Toronto Audio CD-R
07.02.1983 Torhout War Tourhout (audience) Audio CD-R
11.29.1983 Tokyo Live from Tokyo 11.29.1983 Audio CD-R
11.27.1983 Tokyo Tokyo War - Night Two Audio CD-R
11.26.1983 Tokyo Live In Tokyo 1983 Audio Silver CD
11.29.1983 Tokyo First Coming Audio Silver CD
11.28.1983 Tokyo Tokyo : Third Night Audio CD-R
06.22.1983 Tampa Live from Tampa 06.22.1983 Audio CD-R
12.15.1982 Stockholm Stockholm 1982 Audio CD-R
12.15.1982 Stockholm Ana-1 > Cdr-m Audio CD-R
08.20.1983 St. Goarshausen Shout Audio Silver CD
08.20.1983 St. Goarhausen White Flags On Stage Audio Silver CD
08.20.1983 St Goarshausen Under A German Sky Audio CD-R
08.20.1983 St Goarshausen Rockin' The Rhine Audio CD-R
08.20.1983 St Goarhausen Surrender Audio Vinyl
03.17.1983 Sheffield War Sheffield Audio CD-R
05.26.1983 Seattle War Seattle Audio CD-R
06.01.1983 San Francisco War San Francisco Audio CD-R
04.28.1983 Rochester War Rochester Audio CD-R
04.30.1983 Providence The Sun Is Shining Inside Audio CD-R
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