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Date Town Name Type Support Note
08.20.1983 St. Goarhausen White Flags On Stage Audio Silver CD
05.06.1983 Boston Welcome To Boston Audio Silver CD
05.05.1983 Boston Welcome To Boston Audio CD-R
08.14.1983 Dublin Welcome Home U2 ( Malcom Beaton ) Audio CD-R
07.02.1983 Torhout War Tourhout (audience) Audio CD-R
03.29.1983 London War Tour Audio Silver CD
03.17.1983 Sheffield War Sheffield Audio CD-R
05.26.1983 Seattle War Seattle Audio CD-R
06.01.1983 San Francisco War San Francisco Audio CD-R
04.28.1983 Rochester War Rochester Audio CD-R
03.06.1983 Portsmouth War Portsmouth Audio CD-R
05.12.1983 Passaic War Passaic Audio CD-R
03.19.1983 Manchester War Manchester Audio CD-R
03.03.1983 Liverpool War Liverpool Audio CD-R
03.18.1983 Leeds War Leeds Audio CD-R
05.30.1983 Devore War In The Usa Audio CD-R
03.21.1983 London War In London Audio CD-R
03.29.1983 London War In London Audio CD-R
04.23.1983 Chapel Hill War Chapel Hill Audio CD-R
03.11.1983 Cardiff War Cardiff Audio CD-R
03.07.1983 Bristol War Bristol Audio CD-R
04.03.1983 Bourges War Bourges Audio CD-R
06.11.1983 Austin War Austin Audio CD-R
05.10.1983 New Haven War At Yale Audio CD-R
05.30.1983 Devore Us Festival 1983 Audio Silver CD
12.14.1982 Copenhague Upcoming War Audio CD-R
08.20.1983 St Goarshausen Under A German Sky Audio CD-R
03.16.1983 New Castle Tyne Studio, Newcastle Audio CD-R
05.30.1983 Devore Too Much Talk Audio Silver CD
11.27.1983 Tokyo Tokyo War - Night Two Audio CD-R
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