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ZooTV Tour / Leg 2 - Europe
Date Town Name Type Support Note
06.13.1992 Kiel Walk To The Water Audio CD-R
06.15.1992 Rotterdam Until The End Of The World Audio Silver CD
05.22.1992 Milano Ldb 1st Generation Audio CD-R
06.13.1992 Kiel 1st Gen Casette (alternative Version) Audio CD-R
05.31.1992 Londres Everything You Know Is Wrong (octopus) Audio Silver CD
05.31.1992 Londres Everything You Know Is Wrong (why Not) Audio Silver CD
06.01.1992 Birmingham Birmingham Zoo Audio CD-R
05.31.1992 Londres 1st Copy From Master Tape **ldb Special Series** Audio CD-R
05.09.1992 Gent Stefan Beckman - Okm2c > Tcd-d3 Audio CD-R
05.18.1992 Barcelone Live From Barcelone 18.05.1992 Audio CD-R
05.29.1992 Francfort Aiwa Cm30a Mic / Sony Wm-d3 Audio CD-R
06.11.1992 Stockholm Satellite From Stockholm Audio Silver CD
06.13.1992 Kiel Stefan Beckman - Aiwa Cm-30 Mics + Sony Wm-d6 Rec Audio CD-R
05.24.1992 Vienna Zoo Wien ( Dat ) Audio CD-R
06.10.1992 Stockholm R. J. - Sony Ecm-101 + Sony Wm-d3 Audio CD-R
05.29.1992 Franckfort Spirit To Haunt Audio CD-R
06.17.1992 Sheffield Live From Sheffield 17.06.1992 (remastered) Audio CD-R
06.04.1992 Dortmund Live from Dortmund 06.04.1992 Audio CD-R
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