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ZooTV Tour / Leg 2 - Europe
Date Town Name Type Support Note
05.07.1992 Paris Edge's Side 6:30 - Tripod Video DVD+/-R
05.07.1992 Paris Edge's Side 7:30 Tripod - Dat Remix Video DVD+/-R
06.15.1992 Rotterdam Edge's Side Tripod - 8:00 - Sdb Remix Upgrade Video DVD+/-R
05.31.1992 Londres Everything You Know Is Wrong (octopus) Audio Silver CD
05.31.1992 Londres Everything You Know Is Wrong (why Not) Audio Silver CD
05.07.1992 Paris Exit Paris Audio Silver CD
06.15.1992 Rotterdam Falling In Love Audio Silver CD
05.09.1992 Gand Front Cam Video DVD+/-R
05.31.1992 London General Admission Cam On Adam's Side Video DVD+/-R
05.09.1992 Gent I Want You For My Birthday ( Geraldo Van K. ) Audio CD-R
06.08.1992 Gothenburg Is This A Party Or What ? Audio Silver CD
05.18.1992 Barcelone Kill Your Tv Audio Silver CD
05.22.1992 Milano Ldb 1st Generation Audio CD-R
05.22.1992 Milan Ldb Master Audio CD-R
05.18.1992 Barcelone Live From Barcelone 18.05.1992 Audio CD-R
06.05.1992 Dortmund Live From Dortmund 05.06.1992 (alternate Adam Cam) Video DVD+/-R
06.17.1992 Sheffield Live From Sheffield 17.06.1992 (remastered) Audio CD-R
06.18.1992 Glasgow M. Beaton - Sony Wmd6 + Aiwa Cm30s (1st Gen) Audio CD-R
06.11.1992 Stockholm Matrix (by Noiseless ) Audio CD-R
06.11.1992 Stockholm Matrix Aud / Sdb By Noiseless Audio CD-R
05.25.1992 Munich One Audio Silver CD
05.07.1992 Paris Pascal L. - Dat Clone Audio CD-R
06.11.1992 Stockholm Proshot (sephia Version) Video DVD+/-R
06.11.1992 Stockholm Proshot Mix With Audience Sound Video DVD+/-R DL
06.10.1992 Stockholm R. J. - Sony Ecm-101 + Sony Wm-d3 Audio CD-R
06.11.1992 Stockholm Satellite From Stockholm Audio Silver CD
06.11.1992 Stockholm Soundboard Audio CD-R
05.14.1992 San Sebastian Spanish Eyes In Donosti Audio Silver CD
05.29.1992 Franckfort Spirit To Haunt Audio CD-R
06.13.1992 Kiel Stefan Beckman - Aiwa Cm-30 Mics + Sony Wm-d6 Rec Audio CD-R
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