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October Tour
Date Town Name Type Support Note
03.17.1982 New-York White Flags On Stage Audio Silver CD
07.31.1982 Gateshead White Flags On Stage Audio Silver CD
11.13.1981 Albany We Nearly Live Here Audio Silver CD
10.03.1981 Salford We Are Out Of Control Audio Silver CD
12.11.1981 Washington Washington 11.12.1981 (version Complète) Audio CD-R
10.03.1981 Salford War In Salford Audio CD-R
12.13.1981 Lido Beach U2 - Live Vol. 4 Audio Silver CD
10.30.1981 Amsterdam The Lost Broadcast Vol 2 Audio Silver CD
11.14.1981 Boston Stories For Boston ( Pre-fm ) Audio CD-R
03.17.1982 New York St. Patrick's Day Audio Silver CD
03.18.1982 New York Sony Ecm 929 > Wm-d6 Master (t.w.) Audio CD-R
11.15.1981 New Haven S. H. - Technics Rs-686 + Nakamichi Cm-300 Audio CD-R
02.11.1982 Nouvelle Orléans Riverboat President Audio Silver CD
11.14.1981 Boston Rejoice - Live In Boston 1981 Audio CD-R
11.14.1981 Boston, MA Real Life On A Cloud Audio Silver CD
11.14.1981 Boston Pre-fm Remastered By Fradoca Audio CD-R
07.04.1982 Werchter Pj De La Parra - 2nd Gen Fm Audio CD-R
07.04.1982 Werchter Pink Pop Days Audio Silver CD
11.18.1981 Philadelphia October Philadelphia (rossman) Audio CD-R
02.19.1982 Saint Louis Night Moves Audio CD-R
11.28.1981 Los Angeles Markp - Fm Broadcast Master Analog Audio CD-R
12.21.1981 Londres Malcom Beaton - Master Cassette Audio CD-R
12.20.1981 Londres Malcom Beaton - Master Cassette Audio CD-R
02.23.1982 Champaign Livre From Champaign 23.02.1982 Audio CD-R
03.04.1982 West Palm Beach Live From West Palm Beach 04.03.1982 Audio CD-R
12.11.1981 Washington Live From Washington 11.12.1981 Audio CD-R
08.07.1982 Turku Live From Turku 07.08.1982 Audio CD-R
03.05.1982 Tampa Live From Tampa 05.03.1982 Audio CD-R
07.02.1982 Roskilde Live From Roskilde 02.07.1982 Audio CD-R
11.18.1981 Philadelphia Live From Philadelphia 18.11.1981 Audio CD-R
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