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Vertigo Tour / Leg 4 - Rest Of The World
Date Town Name Type Support Note
02.11.2006 Monterrey Behind The Stage Rehearsals Video DVD+/-R
02.11.2006 Monterrey Unos// (dress Rehearsal) ( Beorvi ) Audio CD-R
02.12.2006 Monterrey Multicam Mix By Luis Peñaflor Video DVD+/-R
02.12.2006 Monterrey Live From Monterrey 12.02.2006 Audio CD-R
02.12.2006 Monterrey Adam Side Video DVD+/-R
02.15.2006 Mexico City Hola Mexico! Audio CD-R
02.15.2006 Mexico City Mexico City 5 Cam Mix Video DVD+/-R
02.15.2006 Mexico Miguel Suárez - Mz-r900 + Sp-bmc-12 Mics Audio CD-R
02.16.2006 Mexico City Multicam Mix By Memo Prado Video DVD+/-R
02.16.2006 Mexico City Front Cam 6:30 Video DVD+/-R
02.16.2006 Monterrey David Vazquez - Ecm-ms907 > Hi-md Mz-rh910 Audio CD-R
02.16.2006 Monterrey Dvd Rip Audio CD-R
02.20.2006 Sao Paulo U2 Vertigo Sao Paulo, Brazil 20 February 2006 Broadcast Video Silver DVD
02.20.2006 São Paulo Multishow Broadcast Hq Version Video DVD+/-R
02.20.2006 Sao Paulo Cable Tv > Dvd Recorder (lp Mode) By Lucianonh Video DVD+/-R
02.20.2006 São Paulo Multishow Broadcast (by Rnrrafa) Video DVD+/-R
02.20.2006 São Paulo Zetti - Globo Tv Stereo Broadcast Audio CD-R
02.20.2006 São Paulo Ola From Brazil 2006 Video Silver DVD
02.21.2006 São Paulo Festinha Particular Video DVD+/-R
02.26.2006 Santiago The Bad Spirits Have Gone ( Multicam Mix ) Video DVD+/-R
02.26.2006 Santiago Macgunner - Sony Stereo Mic > Sony Mz-nhf800 Audio CD-R
02.26.2006 Santiago U2 Santiago De Chile (en El Fin Del Mundo) Video DVD+/-R
02.26.2006 Santiago U2 Live From Santiago (multicam Mix By Cri) Video DVD+/-R
03.02.2006 Buenos Aires U2 - Rock The Casbah Video Silver DVD
03.02.2006 Buenos Aires Hola Porteños! (super Yo) Video DVD+/-R
03.02.2006 Buenos Aires Vertigo In Argentina Video DVD+/-R
03.02.2006 Buenos Aires U2 - Live From Buenos Aires Video Silver DVD
03.13.2006 Sydney Bono On Enough Rope / Interview Video DVD+/-R
11.06.2006 Brisbane U2 On Rove Live + Backstage Tour Video DVD+/-R
11.07.2006 Brisbane Andyshea - Sony Ecm-719 > Sony Mz-910 Audio CD-R
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