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Date Town Name Type Support Note
05.27.1981 New Haven Live From New Haven 27.05.1981 Audio CD-R
05.27.1981 New Haven Master Or 1st Gen Cassete Audio CD-R
05.15.1981 San Francisco Out Of Control In San Francisco Video Silver DVD
05.15.1981 San Francisco Looking For The Light In San Francisco Video DVD+/-R
05.15.1981 San Francisco Boy San Francisco Audio CD-R
05.11.1981 Denver Master Reel Source Audio CD-R
05.11.1981 Denver The Lost Broadcasts Vol. One Audio Silver CD
05.11.1981 Denver Live From Denver 11.05.1981 Audio CD-R
05.09.1981 Memphis Born On The Bayou Audio Silver CD
05.09.1981 Memphis Live From Memphis 09.05.1981 Audio CD-R
05.08.1981 New Orleans Boy New Orleans Audio CD-R
05.08.1981 New Orleans D5 Master Audio CD-R
04.21.1981 Pittsburgh Live From Pittsburgh 21.04.1981 Audio CD-R
04.18.1981 Detroit Jems - Teac M-100 > Sony Tcm Cassette Audio CD-R
04.18.1981 Detroit Live from Detroit 04.18.1981 Audio CD-R
04.12.1981 Chicago Live From Chicago 12.04.1981 Audio CD-R
04.11.1981 Chicago Free Beer For All Audio CD-R
04.09.1981 Minneapolis We're Called U2 Audio CD-R
04.07.1981 Saint Louis Live From Saint Louis 07.04.1981 Audio CD-R
04.06.1981 Kansas City Too Young To Drink Audio Silver CD
03.28.1981 Denver Live From Denver 28.03.1981 Audio CD-R
03.20.1981 San Francisco Live From San Francisco 20.03.1981 Audio CD-R
03.18.1981 San Jose U2 1981-03-18 Audio CD-R
03.15.1981 Reseda The Ides Of March Audio Silver CD
03.15.1981 Reseda R G - From Master Tape Audio CD-R
03.14.1981 San Diego Boy San Diego Audio CD-R
03.07.1981 New York Boy New York Audio CD-R
03.06.1981 Boston 2 Sides Live Audio Silver CD
03.06.1981 Boston Another Time, Another Place Audio Silver CD
03.06.1981 Boston 2nd Gig Of This Day Audio CD-R
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