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General Informations
Name : Brooklyn Mix
Tour : Vertigo Tour
Leg : How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Promo Tour
Date : 11.22.2004
Country : USA
Town : New York
Place : Brooklyn Bridge
Type : Video
Support : DVD+/-R
Taper : GnrArnold / Kevin / MTV jammed (N. Fiser capture)
Material : Master DV > DVD & TV broadcast > DVD --> PC (mix by Achtungpop) > DVD
Performance : Live
Source : DV
Generation : Master
Integral : Complete
Camera : Amateur
Nb Cam. : 3 and more
Format : NTSC
Résolution : 720x480
Sound : AC3
Ratio : 4/3
Authoring : Yes (By Titles)
Menu : Yes
Disc 1 (1:15:00)
1. Vertigo
2. All Because Of You
3. Miracle Drug
4. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
5. City Of Blinding Lights
6. Original Of The Species
7. She's A Mystery To Me
8. Beautiful Day
9. I Will Follow
10. Out Of Control
11. Vertigo
12. Waiting For U2 / All Because Of You Video Footage
Discs Contents
Disc 1 : New-York, 22 Novembre 2004
Description French version   
This is the only promotional show play for the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Promo Tour. A must for the eyes and ears. The band is in good form after this afternoon used to film All Because Of You clip. The best album's titles are played plus some olds songs like She's A Mystery To Me and Out Of Control.
Sound French version   
This DVD have 3 sound tracks given you the choice :
- The english track, AC3, which is the GnrArnold direct sound.
- The german track, AC3, which is Kevin direct sound.
- The french track, AC3, which used GnrArnold except for All Because Of You, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, I Will Follow and Vertigo (2nd version) where there's the excellent soundboard sound from Itunes.

The 1st Vertigo tape is in proshot quality but haven't got the soundboard sound. MTV jammed broadcast the 1st tape but mixed it with the sound of the second one. This DVD doesn't keep this making of. In the same way, the second Vertigo tape is in amateur quality but with soundboard sound.
Image French version   
The picture is really great on the 3 films used. All of them come from Master tapes ! Special mention for the one of Kevin which is very clean with an excellent colors feedback then GnrArnold 's one is a little bit dark !
Direction French version   
1st audience cam : Taped by GnrArnold , front of Bono , a little dark, and shaky.
2nd audience cam : Taped by Kevin , on Edge'side , very stable and sharp.
MTV Jammed : 4 proshot titles broadcasted on MTV, but with lots of cuts and additonal montage.

Please note that on the MTV Jammed program, the songs were all incomplete and cut, that's why you'll see audience shot in the middle of each of them !

I've included on this dvd the original audio sources of each audience camera (GNRArnold : English stream; Kevin : German stream), and a 3rd audio stream (French) including GNRarnold audio take (the best of the 2 audience in my mind) + soundboard sound on 4 titles !
Note that on MTV Jammed program, the audio of Vertigo is the audio of the 2nd take, but image is the 1st take of Vertigo ! Really stupid, MTV ! So you won't hear the soundboard of Vertigo on the proshot version, but on a the audience version at the end !
Audio : Very Good
Performance : Very Good
Achtung : Must have (VG)
Picture : Excellent
Direction : Very Good
Review (achtungpop) / 03.26.2005
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