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General Informations
Name : Ademotte - Sonic Studios Dsm-6 > Sony D7
Tour : Vertigo Tour
Leg : Leg 3 - North America
Date : 09.20.2005
Country : USA
Town : Chicago
Place : United center
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Taper : ademotte
Material : Sonic Studios DSM-6 > Sony D7; Master 90m DAT > Stand-alone Pioneer CD burner > EAC > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > CD-R
Performance : Live
Source : Audience
Integral : Complete
Disc 1 (1:18:25)
1. City Of Blinding Lights
2. Vertigo
3. Elevation
4. The Electric Co. / The Ocean
5. Walk On
6. Beautiful Day
7. Miracle Drug
8. Bono Talks
9. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
10. Yahweh
11. Love And Peace Or Else
12. Sunday Bloody Sunday
13. Bullet The Blue Sky
14. Miss Sarajevo
Disc 2 (1:00:13)
1. Pride ( In The Name Of Love )
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. One Intro
4. One
5. Old Man River
6. Encore Break
7. Discothèque
8. The Fly
9. With Or Without You
10. Encore Break
11. All Because Of You
12. The First Time
13. Bad
Discs Contents
CD 1 & 2 : Chicago, IL, September 20th, 2005

Taper's location : front-row of the 300-level (the uppermost level, right in front of the speaker stack)

Taper's Comments:
Decent audience recording from the band's first Chicago show in September. I debated about posting this, but since no source has appeared online for the first night, I thought I would put this up for the completists. It was recorded front-row of the 300-level (the uppermost level, right in front of the speaker stack) so crowd noise is minimal; the fidelity of the recording is pretty good. I was a little disappointed with the sound given where I was sitting - I would probably conservatively give it a 7 on a 10-scale.

There are two ugly warts in this recording:
* My deck was partly unplugged during the first minute or two of "City of Blinding Lights," which caused several loud pops as I went to plug it back in. I tried to minimize the effect (which was really loud before I adjusted it) but it's still noticeable.
* There is about 10 seconds of diginoise on the master during "One." I found this on three separate DAT decks, so there's no way around it.

If anyone has a better source, by all means post. In the meantime, this is as certainly listenable as anything else posted from the second leg.

This show contains the first-ever performance of "The First Time," I believe, and also the first (perhaps only, so far?) acoustic performance of "Walk On."
Review (achtungpop) / 04.01.2006
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