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Name : Soundboard
Tour : Unforgettable Fire Tour
Leg : Leg 5 - North America
Date : 03.27.1985
Country : Canada
Town : Montreal
Place : Montreal Forum
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Taper : transfered by bonoman66
Material : Maxell UDI90 - Sony Micro HiFi - SoundBlaster Live Platinum > PC > CD-R
Performance : Live
Source : Soundboard
Integral : Selected Songs
Disc 1 (1:16:37)
1. Two Hearts Beat As One
2. Mlk
3. The Unforgettable Fire
4. Wire
5. Sunday Bloody Sunday
6. Cry/the Electric Co.
7. A Sort Of Homecoming
8. Bad
9. October
10. New Year's Day
11. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
13. Gloria
14. ''40''
Discs Contents
Montreal - March 27th, 1985

Cette version serait tout simplement meilleure que le silver bootleg Cinema Screen car issu d'une cassette de génération inférieure !

Bonoman66 comments :
I was given a cassette tape on Febuary 27th 1988 while still at college. I'd heard about the group on the tape but wasn't very familar with their material at that time. The tape turned out to be a very good quality (for the time - nothing digital commonly around then ;-)) analog Soundboard recording of U2 performing live at The Montreal Forum on March 27th 1985. That bootleg was the tape that introduced me to the band & their music. Since those college years, I've gone on to purchase every official album, most of the singles, & been lucky enough to see them live at various places throughout the world etc..Its a nice performance. I'm sharing this here as I've only recently come across the tape again after cleaning out the attic. I've not come across a better group of fans than those consistenly sharing on these forums, & hope people might like this.

I do realise that there was a bootleg recording of this show previously pressed to CD & released in 1999 - I think. My tape is definately from the same source, but I think it might be of a lower generation than the source that the CD was pressed from. I think there's slightly less muffle in my recording . I'm hoping it'll be an upgrade for everyone. I've had a quick listen to the CD called Cinema Screen & while its good, its quite 'muffled' in parts - I've not heard any other recordings so I don't know if better ones exist. Here's the lineage for my post....

Maxell UDI90 - Sony Micro HiFi - SoundBlaster Live Platnium - PC - WAVfile

WAV file edited to chop off non relevant parts at start & end
Fades added to start & end
Pitch lowered slightly as the tape appeared to be playing slightly too fast resulting in a higher piched than normal Bono ;-)
Volume brought up
Hiss Reduction gently applied - Its still a bit hissy, but I didn't want to apply too much noise reduction as it would have destroyed too much cymbal, vocal, guitar top end etc..
No Eq was applied to the recording, no frequencies were enhanced - just some mild hiss filteing
Wav file split into individual tracks
Un très bon concert, qui bénéficie en plus d'un son excellent pour l'époque!

Une version de The Electric Co. avec le snippet Amazing Grace, comme on a souvent droit durant toute cette tournée.

Un Bad d'un petit peu plus de 10 minutes, quel régal pour les oreilles avec la qualité du son, et un Bono en forme qui nous offre quelques snippets, tels I'm Waiting For My Man, Ruby Tuesday ou encore Sympathy For The Devil.

Bono dédie Pride (In The Name Of Love) à John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morisson et Elvis Presley, pendant qu'Adam s'offre quelques petites improvisations à la basse !

Un concert où l'on a aussi droit à Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Bono dira d'ailleurs avant de commencer "Well for a special night, a special song!".

Bref, un très bon concert, à posséder absolument !
Ce soundboard est de très bonne qualité, le son est clair, la basse est bien présente, la balance est bonne: on distingue bien tous les instruments, ainsi que la voix de Bono.

/// Revue française par neocker ///
Audio : Excellent
Performance : Very Good
Achtung : Absolut must have (EX)
Review (neocker) / 03.28.2006
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