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General Informations
Name : U22utoo ( Therossmann Ipaq Remaster)
Tour : Vertigo Tour
Leg : Leg 3 - North America
Date : 11.05.2005
Country : USA
Town : Las Vegas
Place : MGM Grand Arena
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Taper : u2too
Material : Built-in Single Channel Microphone/hp2200 IPAQ Pocket PC > RESCO Audio Recorder (WAV @ 44100 Hz, 16 bits) > SanDisc Ultra II Compact Flash card > PC > WAV > CoolEdit2000 > WAV > CDWave > CD-R
Performance : Live
Source : Audience
Integral : Complete
Disc 1 (1:15:02)
1. Intro
2. City Of Blinding Lights
3. Vertigo
4. Elevation
5. Mysterious Ways
6. Until The End Of The World
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
8. Beautiful Day
9. Miracle Drug
10. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
11. Love And Peace Or Else
12. Sunday Bloody Sunday
13. Bullet The Blue Sky
14. Miss Sarajevo
Disc 2 (58:53)
1. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. One
4. Zoo Station
5. The Fly
6. With Or Without You
7. All Because Of You
8. In A Little While
9. Yahweh
10. Bad
Discs Contents
CD 1 & 2 : Las Vegas, November 5th, 2005.

Taper's location : GA, outside ellipse along outer rail, 10 feet stage left of center/tip

RECORDING/MASTERING NOTES by Therossman the remaster :
This is u22utoo's recording. He requested this remaster.
He sent me the raw mono files which he recorded.

The following steps are what was done (almost the same as the 11/4/05 remaster):

>Converted the mono file into a stereo file.

>Reduced the volume of the recording by 6db to have some room to work with.

>Added a slight reverb to the recording to give it a warmer more natural stereo feel.

>Applied a light noise reduction to help eliminate noise and some distortion.

>Normalized the final product to 98%

>Faded in & out.

I normally don't like to mess this much with a recording. But, the ususual nature of this recording needed this to be
done to make it enjoyable to listen to. I think it worked rather well. I wasn't able to eliminate all the distortion
present but it is now a much more pleasant recording. Very similar results to the 11/4/05 remaster I did.

Lastly, Thank you to the taper, "u22utoo", for recording and having me do this for him. I have learned a LOT in the process!

Thank YOU!
Review (Larry_mullen) / 02.02.2006
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