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Name : Sberner - Schoeps Mk4 > Schoeps Vms 02
Tour : Vertigo Tour
Leg : Leg 3 - North America
Date : 09.14.2005
Country : Canada
Town : Toronto
Place : Air Canada Centre
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Taper : Sberner
Material : Schoeps Mk4->KCY actives->Schoeps VMS02->Sound Devices 722 @ 24/48->Soundforge 8->CDWAV->CDR
Performance : Live
Source : Audience
Integral : Complete
Disc 1 (1:03:22)
1. Intro
2. Vertigo
3. Electric Co.
4. Elevation
5. Beautiful Day
6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
7. City Of Blinding Lights
8. Miracle Drug
9. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
10. Love And Peace And Else
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
12. Bullet The Blue Sky
Disc 2 (1:06:47)
1. Miss Sarajevo
2. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
3. Where The Streets Have No Name
4. One
5. Encore Break
6. The Fly
7. With Or Without You
8. Encore Break #2
9. All Because Of You
10. Yahweh
11. Bad
Discs Contents
Disc 1 & 2 : 14 septembre 2005, Toronto, Canada.

Enregistrement fait à environ 20 pieds derrière l'ellipse.
Description French version   
This is a Bono with a locked voice who announce that the first Toronto show was a warm up of this show during Vertigo. On Eletric Co., he sings a snipset of People I Don't Know Are Trying to Kill Me de Neil McCormick and Go To The Mirror Boy of The Who. On Elevation we feel that Bono is not fine. Usually this song is great on this Tour. There it is very soft. The sequence with Beautiful Day is not better. We have the feeling that the U2's singer will fall asleep. With the end of this title Bono tries a part of Jimmy Cliff song, Many Rivers To Cross. On I still haven't found what I'm looking for the audience sing one half of the song (Bono doesn't seems well).

Before Miracle drug, Bono tells that Edge comes from another planet. It's a strange moment .... Snippet of The Black Hills of Dakota at the end of Sometimes You Can' T Make It One Your Own (a night rich in snippets...). Bono still out on Sunday Bloody Sunday mistaken in the lyrics. Before Miss Sarajevo speech of more than two minutes about terrorism in the World. Large planting on lyrics on Pride (In The Name Of Love). Have Bono drunk ?

A part of Ol' Man River at the end of One. Contrary to the first 2 legs the "Mama" are not follow by Zoo Station but directly by The Fly. It gives the feeling that nothing "missed". Note a small "coughing his lungs up" on All because of you.

Come THE time of the show : Bad. Daniel Lanois play with U2. In the middle of the song a belly dancer appears on stage (a belly dancer on Bad, logic...). Towards the end of this song, Bono sings a part of The Maker, Daniel Lanois's song, then finishes with the "how long" of 40. A very long version of Bad with 10 minutes.

During all the show Bono have a kind of slowness. He seems to be elsewhere (with many lyrics forgotten for example). For that it is necessary to add its problems of voice. Edge does not seems well. Only Bad seems to be able to save the show !

This bootleg is similar. Very good sound (not the best) but we already heard better taking into account the setlist and the performance. It's a boootleg "among others". It won't be in the bootleg's history. To listen, not more ...
Sound French version   
Very good audience. We heard a few the audience. It sound a little bit "far" but we already hear worse.
Audio : Very Good
Performance : Good
Achtung : Not prioritary (G)
Review (ptitpraince) / 09.26.2005
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