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General Informations
Name : Rjpass - Chrisedge's Audio Remix
Tour : Vertigo Tour
Leg : Leg 1 - North America
Date : 03.28.2005
Country : USA
Town : San Diego
Place : Sports Arena
Type : Video
Support : DVD+/-R
Taper : Unknown
Material : Master DV (Sony TRV340 20x) > DVD > PC (audio remix by WalkOn) > DVD
Performance : Live
Source : DV
Generation : Master
Integral : Selected Songs
Camera : Amateur
Nb Cam. : 1
Format : NTSC
Résolution : 720x405
Sound : MPEG2
Ratio : 16/9
Authoring : No
Menu : No
Disc 1 (1:50:24)
1. City Of Blinding Lights
2. Vertigo
3. Cry - The Electric Co
4. An Cat Dubh
5. Beautiful Day
6. New Year's Day
7. Miracle Drug
8. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
9. Love And Peace Or Else
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
11. Bullet The Blue Sky
12. Running To Stand Still
13. Zoo Station
14. The Fly
15. Elevation
16. Pride
17. Where The Streets Have No Name
18. One
19. All Because Of You
20. Yahweh
21. 40 (cut)
Discs Contents
San Diego, CA, March 28th, 2005
The original name of this bootleg is "U2 28-03-05 - Enhanced version".
It is an edited version of a DVD that was sold on eBay. It's almost complete, only the last song 40 is cut off.

The following edits have been done:
- synchronised with Chrisedge's audio
- desinterlaced
- noise filtered
- cropped to widescreen (16:9)
This video has been synchronised with Chrisedge's audio recording. It was taped in the General Admission area, 20 feet from the ellipse. The quality is very good. At the begin of the show the microphone sometimes 'misses' a few sung words.
The image quality is very good, almost professional DVD quality. The 'curtains of light' are not well visible though, it seems like the cam couldn't handle it.
Position: left top

The camera supposedly is on a tripod; the image is very steady. Bono is followed nicely when he walks on the ellipse. Sometimes the camera is directed at Bono, while it's actually The Edge who is singing.
Audio : Good
Performance : Good
Achtung : Must have (VG)
Picture : Very Good
Direction : Good
Review (WalkOn) / 05.30.2005
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