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Informations générales
Nom : Matrix (by Noiseless )
Tour : ZooTV Tour
Leg : Leg 2 - Europe
Date : 11.06.1992
Pays : Sweden
Ville : Stockholm
Lieu : Globe Arena
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Taper : Noiseless
Matériel : Source I: SBD,
Performance : Live
Source : Mixte
Intégralité : Complet
Disque 1
1. Introduction
2. Zoo Station
3. The Fly
4. Even Better Than The Real Thing
5. Mysterious Ways
6. One / Unchained Melody
7. Until The End Of The World
8. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
9. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
10. Angel Of Harlem
11. Dancing Queen
12. Satellite Of Love
Disque 2
1. Bad / All I Want Is You
2. Bullet The Blue Sky
3. Running To Stand Still
4. Where The Streets Have No Name
5. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
7. Stand By Me
8. Desire
9. Ultra Violet (light My Way)
10. With Or Without You
11. Love Is Blindness
Contenu des disques
CD 1 & 2: Stockholm - June 12, 1992

Noiseless comments : Not to spoil the fun, but PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT this matrix to sound as perfect as East Rutherford 1992-08-13. It's not bad, but not perfect at all.

The SBD source for this show wasn't exactly the best; from a technical point of view it's inferior to Bright Lights Big City in every way. Degraded. Harsh. No punch. Echo at spots. Fake stereo (i.e. basically mono). But of course I'm very very happy it exists, despite my complaining!

Then the AUD source, which is famous for its quality. I agree it was a nice source although again it wasn't as good as Steve Hendrix's East Rutherford tape. (Or at least it didn't respond as nice to mastering.) Anyway I tried to achieve some power by adding the SBD. I only succeeded partly and things didn't really respond the way I would have liked, but a little magic occurred.

I mixed in the AUD source louder than I would have done with a decent SBD. In other words, I still miss some clarity and transparency, and sweet channel separation. And I am quite disappointed the bass is still somewhat muddy.

But since I realized a) this matrix is a lot better than the SBD alone, b) the show is at least better balanced and EQ'd than the AUD source alone, and c) imperfections are not caused because I screwed things up but because the sources had their limitations, I consider this to be a nice upgrade. It's not an amazing listening experience over headphones, but it is enjoyable over the stereo system. And of course, it is a BRILLIANT show.

So, I hope you'll enjoy the show.
Revue (Eclipse) / 21.07.2009
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