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Informations générales
Nom : Ald / Aud Matrix By Drew
Tour : Elevation Tour
Leg : Leg 3 - Amérique Du Nord
Date : 23.11.2001
Pays : USA
Ville : Phoenix
Lieu : America West Arena
Type : Audio
Support : CD-R
Taper : ? / Steve Lefevre mix by Drew W.
Matériel : See below
Performance : Live
Source : Mixte
Intégralité : Complet
Disque 1 (59:40)
1. Elevation
2. Beautiful Day
3. Untl The End Of The World
4. New Year's Day
5. Out Of Control
6. Sunday Bloody Sunday
7. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
8. Introduction
9. Kite
10. In God's Country
11. I Shall Be Released
12. Please
Disque 2 (51:59)
1. All I Want Is You
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
4. Pride ( In The Name Of Love )
5. Introduction
6. Bullet The Blue Sky
7. What's Going On - With Gwen Stefani )
8. New York
9. One
10. Peace On Earth
11. Walk On
Contenu des disques
CD 1 & 2 : Phoenix (AZ) - November 23rd, 2001

Drew's Dub (2-Source Matrix)
Source 1:Silver CD (ALD) Manufacturer:Blue dot records > FLAC (the info says it is an ALD, but ALD's don't have the metronome like this recording does!)
Source 2:"The Fire Of Love" Neumann ak40s > Neumann lc-3 active cables > Neumann km100s > sbm1 > M1 DAT > CD: Sony D8 > Sek'd Prodif 96 >Soundforge v4.5 > CDWAV > mkw > FLAC

Drew's comments :
Both the IEM and Aud sources were pretty good sounding. The IEM has some static throughout, sorry, not my fault. I tried to minimize the static as much as I could, but it is impossible to get rid of it without destroying the recording. I had to speed correct the first half of the AUD source (I suppose I could have done it to the IEM). About midway through, the speed matched up just fine. I did a bit of EQ, tried to bring out the bass on the IEM and the treble on the AUD. Overall this sounds pretty good in my opinion.
Revue (achtungpop) / 11.06.2009
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