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Date Town Name Type Support Note
05.22.1992 Milan Wild Horses Video VCD
06.15.1992 Rotterdam Achtung Rotterdam Video VCD
08.16.1992 Washington And Now A Word From Our Sponsors Video VCD
02.12.1981 Den Haag Trojan Horse Video VCD
01.31.1998 São Paulo Mtv Brazil Video VCD
07.01.1987 leeds A Tree In Leeds (tripod) Video VCD
04.22.1987 los angeles La Last Nite In Town!! Video VCD
11.16.1993 Adelaïde Zoolaïde Video VCD
12.11.1989 Paris Live from Paris 12.11.1989 Video VCD
12.15.1989 Dortmund When Love Comes To Dortmund Video VCD
12.18.1989 Amsterdam Live from Amsterdam 12.18.1989 Video VCD
01.05.1990 Rotterdam Live from Rotterdam 01.05.1990 Video VCD
01.06.1990 Rotterdam Live from Rotterdam 01.06.1990 Video VCD
06.04.1993 Munich Heil München Video VCD
06.23.1993 Strasbourg Zooropa Strasbourg Video VCD
08.21.1993 Londres Wembley In The Rain Video VCD
12.01.1993 Christchurch Live from Christchurch 12.01.1993 Video VCD
04.25.1997 Las Vegas First Night On Earth Video VCD
06.01.1997 East Rutherford Swallowing The Big Apple Video VCD
05.26.1997 Washington D. C. Pop Video VCD
06.03.1997 East Rutherford The City That Never Sleeps Video VCD
06.15.1997 Edmonton Slow Dancing Video VCD
06.07.1997 Randall's Island Tibetan Freedom Concert Video VCD
06.29.1997 Chicago Blown By The Wind Video VCD
12.12.1997 Seattle Live from Seattle 12.12.1997 Video VCD
09.06.1997 Paris Paris Est Magique Video VCD
02.06.1998 Buenos Aires Live from Buenos Aires 02.06.1998 Video VCD
02.11.1998 Santiago Mothers Of The Disappeared Video VCD
02.29.1992 Lakeland Lakeland Soundcheck Video VCD
05.07.1992 Paris Live from Paris 05.07.1992 Video VCD
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