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Lovetown Tour / Leg 1 - Australia, Japan
Date Town Name Type Support Note
10.16.1988 London Help Audio Silver CD
10.16.1988 Londres Live Vol. 2 Audio Silver CD
10.16.1988 Londres Rock & Roll Stop The Traffic Audio Silver CD
10.16.1988 Londres See The Face Of Fear Audio Silver CD
10.16.1988 Londres Stop The Traffic: Rock'n'roll Audio Silver CD
10.16.1988 Londres Keeping The Faith - Vol. 2 (1984-1988) Audio Silver CD
10.16.1988 London Stereo Cable Feed > Sony Walkman D6-c > Master Cassette Audio CD-R
10.16.1988 London Smile Jamaïcan Video VCD
09.22.1989 Perth Not Bad For The Second Night In Audio CD-R
09.22.1989 Perth Live from Perth 09.22.1989 Video DVD+/-R
09.23.1989 Perth Perth Lovetown Audio CD-R
09.27.1989 Sydney Lovetown: First Night In Sydney Audio CD-R
09.28.1989 Sydney Lovetown Sydney 28-09-89 Audio CD-R
10.07.1989 Melbourne Melbourne Memoirs Volume 1 (boyacrobat) Audio CD-R
10.07.1989 Melbourne More Nuggets Please Audio Silver CD
10.08.1989 Melbourne Melbourne Memoirs Vol 2 (boyacrobat ) Audio CD-R
10.08.1989 Melbourne Bad At Its Best ( Darren Glen Remaster ) Audio CD-R
10.08.1989 Melbourne Lovetown Melbourne - Night Two Audio CD-R
10.08.1989 Melbourne Boyacrobat Matrix Audio CD-R
10.08.1989 Melbourne Tonight I Feel Drunk Audio CD-R
10.09.1989 Melbourne The Power Of Lovetown Audio Silver CD
10.12.1989 Melbourne Melbourne Memoirs Vol 3 (boyacrobat) Audio CD-R
10.13.1989 Melbourne Melbourne Memoirs Vol 4 (boyacrobat) Audio CD-R
10.14.1989 Melbourne Melbourne Memoirs Vol 5 (boyacrobat) Audio CD-R
10.16.1989 Melbourne Melbourne Memoirs Vol 6 (boyacrobat) Audio CD-R
10.16.1989 Melbourne Live From Melbourne 16.10.1989 Audio CD-R
10.20.1989 Sydney In The Name Of Sydney (remastered) Audio CD-R
10.27.1989 Adélaïde Love Comes To Adélaïde Audio CD-R
10.27.1989 Adelaide Race Of Angel Audio Silver CD
11.08.1989 Wellington Wellington Lovetown Audio CD-R
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