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October Tour
Date Town Name Type Support Note
11.04.1981 Berlin White Flags On Stage Video Silver DVD
11.04.1981 Berlin 1998 Rebroadcast Video DVD+/-R
11.04.1981 Berlin Berlin Metropole Video VCD
11.04.1981 Berlin Berlin Metropole (dvd Rip) Video VCD
11.04.1981 Berlin Stories For Boys And Girls Video Silver DVD
11.22.1981 New-York Proshot 1 Front Cam Video DVD+/-R
11.22.1981 New York Last Night At The Ritz Video VCD
05.14.1982 Hattem Us Festivals Vol A Video DVD+/-R
05.14.1982 Hattem Shadows Of Tomorrow Video Silver DVD
07.02.1982 Roskilde Audio Remix Video DVD+/-R
07.02.1982 Roskilde Live from Roskilde 07.02.1982 Video DVD+/-R
07.02.1982 Roskilde Roskilde 82 Video VCD
07.02.1982 Roskilde Shadows Of Tomorrow Video Silver DVD
07.02.1982 Roskilde Roskilde 1982 Video DVD+/-R
07.04.1982 Werchter U2 Festivals 82 Vol B Video DVD+/-R
07.04.1982 Werchter Unbroken Toys Video Silver DVD
07.04.1982 Werchter Werchter Festival 1982 Video VCD
07.04.1982 Werchter 4th Of July In Werchter (master Vhs) Video DVD+/-R
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